Unless both feet are out, you are still in.

One of the most eye-opening moments when I was in the movement occurred during my first-time meeting someone inside. It was somebody else in the burgeoning alt-right community’s “mumble” (a precursor to discord) who just happened to reside in the same county. He was a bit older and owned a stable contracting business. Had you met him on the street, you would not at all know he listens to neo-Nazi podcasts on his days off, chatting on their forums with a swastika in his avatar.

He had invited me out to a fishing day at a local hotspot, essentially an island outside of the city you could kayak out to and set up a tent and pole. Together, we drove in his truck out to the tackle shop as I listened to his desire to see Jews driven out of the county and how Blacks had turned the state into a wasteland. There was little ambiguity about what this person believed, and it was thrilling to share this “secret”.

When you are first introduced to far-right ideology, you discover a new world where the dazzling “secrets” and “truths” are enveloping you. You become a resident in a community of people who speak a language you are surprised to be fluent in after a short time. You explore ideas you had never considered before and find yourself as a skeptic of well-documented historical events (“Well, I wasn’t there so how could I prove otherwise”, “The doors were porous! Surely no one has committed crimes against humanity behind a wooden door!” “It had no scent because it was unpleasant! Why would you hide your intent to murder people once you’ve already locked them behind those wooden doors?”), all on your morning commute to your IT job, or your EMT job, or your elementary school teacher job. You take more pride in your appearance, learning to polish shoes or buying a stronger hold hair pomade. You look like everyone else, no one can prove otherwise. Everyone once in a while, something happens in your Normie World that makes you want to shout “BASED” or “TND”, because it’s funny and it’s just subversive and isn’t it fun to “make jokes” at people below you? But if you do that, you’re revealing your power level, and you would lose everything. Being in the far right is the only place where having a Stronger Power Level actually makes you more concerned with remaining anonymous. If your ideas were actually beneficial to people, why would you hide them? It’s been pretty well-documented that there are no thought police, and even the people who are directly mentioned in the manifestos of people who commit acts of mass violence are still sharing “their views.” Your unpopular ideas are actually just bad ideas, and you know it.

We kayaked out to the island and set up his tent before he told me his friends would be arriving to relax with us. Considering what I just had heard come out of his mouth, I assumed a couple of blond-haired, blue-eyed gigachad 100% pure Bavarian phenotype huwhyte men would saunter up, drop a lure, and regale us with their tales on the eastern front. What I was not prepared for was a middle-aged, middle-class latino couple to start cracking beers with us.

As Poast has recently demonstrated, you’re never actually safe- but one day, you will more than likely be sorry.

By all accounts, my companion had just spent the past hour wishing all but death upon people like these two. Now, he was yucking it up as if his favorite podcast was not called “The Daily Shoah”.  A surreal moment was unfolding before me, and it wasn’t until years out of the alt-right did I fully understand what sort of person this was; because most people in the online white supremacist world were exactly like him.

I want to propose a term: “part-time Nazi.” I use this as a catch all term for those who, at the end of the day, clock out of their day job writing code, serving tables, or writing for prime-time cable news pundits, and log into their favorite alt-right Discord, far-right imageboard, or nazi Gab account to begin their evening of hate speech. They still go to PTA meetings, or have a passing GPA in school, or might even be renewing their passport for a family vacation. These part-timers know that their lives are contingent upon staying anonymous and “passing” as normal. When you think about what you’re willing to risk when you stay in, do you think you’ll ever be able to promote yourself to full time? Will you ever get tired of half-assing your way through life? If you do decide to forgo being a normie and dive fully into the Future Ethnostate mayoral candidate phase, how long do you think it’ll last? The websites are being de-platformed on a whim. Payment hosts are suspending even the most popular and prominent users. The recent acquisition of a globally popular social media site is basically making it a diet “alt” chat server. What money will you make off of it? What tradwives are going to be around a person who can’t support themselves? Who’s going to put you on their payroll as a thanks for doubling down when you get doxx’d?

Think about what you’re doing next time you clock in for your shift as Moderator of the Do You See Kyle server for the weekend. As Poast has recently demonstrated, you’re never actually safe- but one day, you will more than likely be sorry.