As a general rule, the leaders of movement groups are egoists, manipulators and use their position for financial gain. Their claims of solidarity and brotherhood ring hollow when their power is questioned. This is evidenced by the historical strife between group leaders, which continues to this day. John Patler killed George Lincoln Rockwell because of a power struggle; Tom Metzger and David Duke  were bitter enemies over a power struggle. The current generation of leadership is no different; the newer iterations of the far right will always seek to overpower and oust the "old guard". The far right movement has had to move quickly to rebrand and disguise itself often to seem less poisonous and dangerous than it actually is.There is an irony in the fact that men in the movement are claiming and posturing for masculinity but so often find themselves with friends and associates who sleep with their partners, plot against them, and even leak information to the press or other groups to try and take anyone with a modicum of influence down. The term "cuck" is more of a projection than an accusation. These are just a few examples- this kind of infighting amongst movement leaders is nearly universal. In several recent lawsuits alone, many people were  revealed to be informants for  law enforcement and working with “the enemy”, whoever that might be that day.

There will always be something to criticize, someone else who thinks they are or will be better.

This egoism and infighting doesn’t stop at leadership though. It is commonplace amongst the membership as well. Men and women will often accuse each other of being "impure", either in blood or in action, constantly posturing and playing chicken, usually ending with someone being threatened with their life, livelihood, or dignity. The call is often coming from inside the house. When you participate in a movement based on your supposed superiority, it is inevitable that proving yourself superior is going to be accomplished by stabbing those closest to you in the back. Even worse, no matter what you do to demonstrate perfection, you will never be enough. There will always be something to criticize, someone else who thinks they are or will be better. Think about your media darlings, the “voices” and “faces” of the movements- I’m sure you can name a few off the very top of your head, cases/situations where their own best friends and top associates realize how fucked up everything is and start to talk publicly about the ridiculous situations and awful conditions and expectations of being good enough.

This is the reality that stands in contrast to the movement's claims of solidarity, brotherhood and love for the white race. If the plethora of historical evidence of the horrors of living under fascism/totalitarianism aren’t enough, or you don’t believe the history, look around you, not just at your few buddies who align with your claim that you aren't violent. Look at the people who are actually doing things, posting online, making waves. Listen to what they say. That is their best-face forward- the sanitized version of what would actually happen if these ideas actually took hold. Real life would be much, much, much worse- for you, too.This is the way EVERYBODY gets treated if they become the government.

Take a minute and think about things you have already lost or are afraid to lose. The longer you spend in the movement, the longer it will take to regain trust from the people you loved and had to leave in order to participate in your own social and mental destruction. If you haven’t already, you will suffer.